Our most popular exhibit design in Las Vegas

The ME2020 Double Deck is one of our most popular TurnKey exhibit rentals in Las Vegas and venues nationwide. It features an expansive 17' mural wall, brilliantly illuminated with ceiling mounted lights. The straight staircase and landing is positioned behind the mural wall, available for storage space as well. The 9 x 17 upper deck is large enough to create two distinct meeting areas or host a private cocktail party. Downstairs is a very open exhibit space with a single wall as a billboard focal point. In this exhibit, we created a coffee bar with three monitors running company promo material above the barista. Optional Flat Screens are located at the upper deck support columns. Large bowed billboard signs highlight your brand all sides of the trade show floor. Minimum floor space required 18 ft x 15 ft. Includes Las Vegas approved lighting. Our most popular Double Deck Exhibit Rental at the Las Vegas and Sands Exposition Centers.

Turnkey Rental Price : $31,700.00


Basic Version

Turnkey Rental $31,700 / Purchase $67,754

• Structural truss system
• Stairs
• Wall frames and doors
• Rails
• Deck boards
• Lights
• Ceilings
• 1/4” frosted plex rail infills
• Signs with fabric graphics
• Unprinted sintra infills and wall panels
• 3 crates
• Est. weight 5,000 pounds

Enhanced Version as shown

Turnkey Rental $36,600 / Purchase $85,839

Additionally Includes:
•9’ Coffee Bar
•1 36" Diameter Meeting table
•4 Curve Back Chairs
•4 Curve back stools
•2 Four Shelf Literature Racks
•3 LCD mounts
•1 Coffee Table
•4 Leather Lounge Chairs
•2 Column Mount Workstations

Graphic Options

Graphics Package A | Upper signage: $2,579
Graphics Package B | Lower signage: $2,500
Graphics Package C | Upper and Lower Signage: $5,079
Cost of printed infill columns (hides truss): $3,480

Other Accessories

Upstairs Floor Plan
Downstairs Floor Plan
Custom colors available on all Purchased Displays.
If you choose to purchase rather than rent, color options are available for truss, counters and slat wall.