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Published, Fixed Cost Turnkey Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rentals From 10' Booth Spaces To Double Decks In Las Vegas 

We specialize in customized exhibit rentals with Turnkey pricing in Las Vegas and venues nationwide. We specialize in Double Deck Exhibits with a wide array of options in all booth space sizes. Las Vegas is the site of our main warehouse. We maintain a large inventory of Custom Modular components for inline displays, island exhibits, and two-story Double Decks.

Our designs give exceptional value to new and experienced trade show exhibitors in Las Vegas, Anaheim, and other cities nationwide. We offer several unique custom display design options, including laminate finishes, slat wall, product shelves, and large seamless high resolution printed fabric murals.

Turnkey display rentals include transportation, set up, and dismantle labor.

Graphic storage between shows is N/C. You'll find that exhibit rentals with custom graphic design are cost-effective and hassle-free. You save the large investment that purchasing requires, including storage and transportation management. Your staff can work more effectively without being responsible for those areas and can better focus on things that will make you successful on the show floor. We assist with Show Services Coordination for a truly TurnKey experience.

Featured Exhibit Designs

Double Deck Design with Ceiling for a 30 ft. booth space $94,195 plus graphics

20 x 20 Double Deck Design V2 – Most economical deck at $23,409 plus graphics

Towers create an eye-catching high-tech atmosphere in a 20 x 20. $16,306 plus graphics

Four workstations and two meeting room design $16,300 plus graphics

20 Ft. Backlit, simple, elegant flat screen design with brilliant visuals $8483 plus graphics

10 Ft Custom Backlit Display with Flat Screen $2950 plus graphics

Unique exhibit designs for the competitive Las Vegas environment and beyond

Las Vegas hosts the most significant number of trade shows in the Country. Effective display design makes all the difference in the world. Our in-line exhibit design features a large graphic mural space to deliver your message. Our 10 ft. Displays include several different styles that combine eye-catching design with effective messaging. We can connect semi-private meeting areas, workstations, and extra storage space in our 20 ft. exhibit rental options. We also provide great design ideas for product clothing displays!

10x20 Trade show display exhibit rentalSingle-Level Inline and Island Trade Show ExhibitsTowers Create An Eye Catching High Tech Atmosphere

Our island rental exhibits range from 20 x 20 to much larger spaces at various price points, far more significant than most common exhibit rentals. If you need mural wall space, height visibility, multiple workstations, or all together, we can do it! Our COV 2020 design, for example, provides towering height, numerous workstations, and secondary header messaging in an open space layout. Turnkey hardware rental costs just over $8,000, and various graphic packages are available. The ALC2020 provides private meeting space, product display, and demo workstations.

Double Deck Exhibit Backlit Displays Two-Story Trade Show Double Deck Specialists

Las Vegas also hosts some of the largest trade shows, and Double Deck Exhibits meet various needs. A multi-level exhibit often makes sense, with floor space at a premium. A big advantage is having private meeting rooms, storage, and larger conference areas. That enables the upper level to focus on casual areas, meet with customers, and more. Doing so on an upper level adds an excellent impression to the experience.

Sticking to your trade show budget

The ability to know exactly what your cost per show is a great advantage. Cost overruns due to transportation, labor, and especially overtime labor are common in our industry! We provide a single pre-show invoice that lets you confidently work within your trade show marketing budget.

The benefit of Turnkey Service

Often renting a trade show booth makes more sense than owning it, especially if you have one show yearly. Many companies exhibit at their largest industry show in Las Vegas and smaller shows in other cities. Our Double Deck Exhibit Customers in Las Vegas often use smaller island exhibits we provide for secondary shows in other cities. We offer a variety of fixed-cost designs on our websites. Our products and services help companies maximize their marketing and advertising budgets. The increased presence in your market through targeted trade shows can pay off handsomely. Management and staff can focus on core responsibilities with our TurnKey Rental Service.

Today, innovative companies are finding new ways to provide products and services to create growth...and, in some cases, maintain an existing revenue base in an increasingly cost-competitive marketplace. Image Design Exhibit Rentals pools the resources of engineers, designers, and knowledgeable logistics staff directly and through our network of affiliates across the country.

Enjoy a custom look

We'll help you get the look you want with compelling graphics that tell your story in the most appealing, memorable way. Exhibit structures are designed to include meeting areas, workstations, storage, and single or multiple focus graphics. Our exhibits don't look like other rentals! We rent and sell exhibits from 10' x 10' to 40' x 50' Double Deck Exhibits and bring the same professional level of service to our clients, large and small. We believe our best clients are repeat customers and produce the results that earn that loyalty. We don't just rent displays; we develop long-lasting client relationships.

We do more than Trade Show Display Rentals!

We can assist your trade show display needs with the full range of products we offer for purchase and our low fixed-cost rental displays. We also offer lightweight, portable displays, printed fabric, aluminum structures, and more. That's where we got our start, developing lightweight innovative display products. Over the years, we expanded into Custom exhibit design, fabrication, and storage and focus now on providing a full range of exhibits with a focus on rentals. As a division of Image Design and Communications, Inc., we are oriented toward the big picture. That means effectively communicating your message on the show floor. Our designers will assist with graphics and design so that when you rent your booth display, it will perfectly suit your needs. ...When it's time to get down to business, we help you do it and look great simultaneously!

 Renting a customized exhibit makes dollars and sense!

*We manage shipping: Image Design Exhibit Rentals deals with shipping to and from the venue (drayage not included). No need to schedule and manage the logistics not to mention hunting around for the best shipping rates.

 • Save on time and labor: Your fixed labor costs are known immediately, regardless of overtime rates required by the show's schedule.

 • Save on Storage: Storing a large, bulky trade show exhibit can be a hassle, and paying to have it stored can be costly.

• Save on maintenance, damage repair, packing, and unpacking expense: You arrive on the show floor confident your display booth is ready.

 • Flexible design and configuration: Renting your trade show exhibit lets you adjust the size and configuration of your display for every show.

 • Overlapping shows in different booth sizes: Many of our clients require 2 or 3 exhibits in different places across the country at approximately the same time. We can help with that and assist in maintaining a consistent marketing message.

 • Save on headaches Trade shows can be confusing and frustrating. Our knowledgeable staff has been in the trade show industry for many years and can help you with most questions and situations.

Rentals outside Las Vegas

Exhibiting in other regions incurs an "Out of Venue Fee," which covers a portion of our shipping and travel expenses for supervision staff. Las Vegas continues to rank first for us because of the number of shows coinciding year-round. 

Partnering with Image Design and Communications, Inc.

Nick Drance - President, Image Design and Communications

Image Design Exhibit Rentals is part of the family of Image Design and Communications, Inc. trade show product and service websites. Our range of experience enables us to provide value-added services like input on marketing, graphic design, recommendations on the best graphic materials to use and planning ahead for the future today. Together these things provide value and a higher ROI.I The Image Design and Communications, Inc. family of websites includes more than exhibit Rentals. Our other websites include sales of a broad range of Trade Show Products.  Portable displays with a state-of-the-art design feature lightweight aluminum structures and high-resolution printed fabric. Some of our portable design offerings can be quite sophisticated!  We also offer Custom Modular exhibits up to 30' x 60'. Purchase prices for modular exhibits on this website are shown with each design. If you have multiple shows in different booth space sizes, TurnKeyTradeShowExhibitRentals combines all rental offerings in one place. Services include complete show services management from A-Z. Please visit these sites should you have additional needs in those product categories.

We are here to help. That's why the tagline of our Corporate parent, Image Design and Communications, Inc has the tagline "Building Relationships Through Design". Relationships are what this industry is all about!

I'm confident we will meet or exceed your expectations for quality and service for your trade show marketing needs.

All good thoughts,
Nick Drance