Exhibit Rental Terms

1.) Prices:

All of our prices include shipping to and from the show venue, set up and dismantle unless otherwise noted. Payment is due at time of order. Unpaid quotes will not be shipped or set up.

Prices DO NOT include drayage (or material handling), electrical service/ electrical labor, flooring or daily cleaning.

2.) Turn-Key Exhibit Rental Locations:

The pricing shown is for Las Vegas Convention Centers. Other cities may require an out-of-venue fee.

3.) Time Required/Rush Charges:

Lead times are calculated from the first day of the Advance Warehouse opening date. Rush charges apply to orders that have not been finalized and/or payment received.

• Double Decks priced at $50k and less: Minimum 60-day lead time. 10% rush fee at 40 days, 15% at 30 days, and 30% less than 30 days, if we accept the project.

• Double decks priced over $50k: Minimum 90-day lead time. 10% rush fees are billed at 60 days, and 20% at 30 days, if we accept the project.

• In-line and island exhibits: Minimum 60-day lead time. 5% rush charges at 45 days, 10% at 30 days, and 20% at 30 days, if we accept the project

4.) Payment/Refunds/Cancellations:

The majority of the cost of any project is represented in labor and shipping. Therefore, payment in full is required to initiate your order. Once the order ships, payment is non-refundable. Orders canceled before the booth ships are subject to labor charges associated with initiating your order.

5.) Show Management Notification

The exhibitor must notify SHOW MANAGEMENT (through the “Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form” or “Non-Official Contractor Form” found in the show manual) that we have been chosen as the Installation and Dismantle Contractor. (We’ll help you find it if need be). This notification is usually required 30 days in advance of the setup dates (please check your manual as some shows require more time). If SHOW MANAGEMENT hasn’t been notified in advance, the exhibitor should call and notify SHOW MANAGEMENT that the deadline was missed and request that we perform the Install and Dismantle of their display.

6.) Graphic Design; Graphics and Artwork

We accept .tif, .psd, .ai, and .indd. Provide native or layered files with resources linked, whenever possible. Please make sure to convert fonts to outline and if providing native ai, LINK any raster images so we can check the resolution. Raster images should be kept between 100-200 DPI original at print size. All graphics sizes provided are cut sizes. You do not need a bleed, but 3/4″ on all edges of panels applied to truss MAY be obscured, so please keep any critical text or logos well inside the borders.

To upload Files please go to our Corporate Website; www.ImageDesign.WeTransfer.com Please indicate the company name and due date on the subject line. Ideally, file names should begin with the first 3 letters of the exhibiting company’s name

Unless otherwise specified, the Client will supply print-ready files for production. See {LINKTOPDF}

7.) Damages:

The client is responsible for any damages to rental units that occur after the display has been installed and prior to being dismantled. Sticky-back Velcro and other adhesives applied to our products will result in a cleaning fee.