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Double Deck And Single Level Exhibits

A single pre-show, the fixed-cost invoice includes transportation, set-up, and dismantle. Free graphics storage between shows!

Customized To Give You The Look You Want                                                                      View over 250 fully rendered designs with itemized pricing! 

     We provide customized single-level and Double Decks for all Las Vegas and nationwide booth sizes.  New Island Exhibit Designs provide high visibility and meeting space. Many 10 ft Exhibit Rentals include backlit wall murals and workstations.  Notable Samples: 10 ft display with product display space. This 20 ft design combines opaque graphics and a feature backlit graphic across 20 ft! One of our favorite brand-new 20 ft. designs provides high visibility from all directions in an open floor plan.

  Double Decks With Ceiling Canopies                                                                                                                     View Design Ideas for Double Decks here

Learn more about out N/C TurnKey Display Rental and White Glove Services we provide!

30 years of relationship-oriented trade show experience.

Our parent company, Image Design and Communications, Inc. has five divisions, each devoted to specific product categories. We are equipped to manage your annual trade show marketing program in multiple booth sizes, each with consistent and correct graphic messaging.

We also offer state-of-the-art portable exhibits for purchase. Displays On The Net provides and a full range of products and information about everything you need to know about portable and modular exhibits.

We know how to build a relationship and partner with you to create a successful trade show experience. View Custom Exhibit Capabilities at our Corporate web site: Image Design and Communications, Inc. Custom Trade Show Exhibits!

It's practical, efficient and cost-effective to out-source with us.

Full-Service solutions - Published turnkey pricing!

We always publish itemized Fixed Cost pricing that includes transportation and labor. We think that's the best, most straightforward way of doing business. Our 30+ years of trade show exhibit experience allows us to provide an unmatched understanding of your vision for success on the trade show floor. View our Exhibit Rental terms and ordering info here.

Personal service

We start with the design process, establish the perfect look and functionality you need. Generally, at that point, you’ll know exactly what your total cost will be. There are no surprises!

We bill transportation, set up and dismantle labor on one pre-show invoice. However, we assist in a number of ways during the production process. During the design process, we anticipate electrical requirements based on everything in your booth space. Some clients have specialized equipment or pre-existing exhibit properties that are to be combined in the same booth space.

Sample rental costs

The minimum cost to rent a TurKey Double Deck is about $27,000 in Las Vegas. The average low cost is about $35,000 for our most popular exhibit in Las Vegas, the ME2020, complete with graphics. That includes transportation to and from the show, set up, and dismantle labor. The closest design to that, the Tri-Level EX2020 Exhibit, which features a unique tri-level design. It adds 20% to that cost but with three levels, the result on the upper deck is that a separate raised area is available for meetings. That leaves the lower portion of the upper deck available for hospitality. The impact of the Tri-Level feature on the lower level is the creation of a unique 10 ft. tall atrium at one end of the exhibit. It’s impressive and almost unheard of in Multi-level Deck designs. Shows located outside of Las Vegas require an "Out of Venue Fee" which partially covers our additional expenses in flying and housing our supervisor and staff along with additional shipping costs.

Show Services Management for exhibit rentals

We provide a fixed cost invoice for set up and dismantle regardless of the show mandated schedule. This is one of the most common areas of cost overruns. Labor rates are often over $120 per hour x 4 men. Overtime is time and a half making it $180+. You don’t need to worry about that when you are working with us. Labor and transportation costs are fixed on one pre-show invoice.

When exhibitors use show labor, the required forms specify set up and dismantle times precisely. We look at your target move-in date and establish that for you. We need to do that in order to ensure that your exhibit is complete and ready to go on deadline. This touches on another cost that many clients don’t need to consider. Overtime vs. Straight time Union Labor billing. Other Show Services Management requirements

We provide the necessary EAC (Exhibitor Appointed Contract) forms along with Insurance Certificates required by the show. This along with correct electric grid maps relate to the fundamentals. If you need assistance with other show forms, we can help. There’s a lot to know when exhibiting in Las Vegas and other venues.

White-Glove Show Services Coordination

Labor and scheduling are included in our pricing. We'll take care of the myriad of other show services forms for a 25% mark-up, well below the 35%-50% industry-standard rate. Regardless, automatically, you save on labor and set-up scheduling in our pre-show invoice.

Saving on other costs

In addition to the cost in time managing the process for each show, evaluating the cost of renting vs. ownership includes many factors. Key among them storage. After that, most exhibit houses bill for pre-show and post-show set-up at their facility in order to assess damages that require repair and assure that there are no surprises at the next show. It’s like set up and dismantle labor three times for each show. So storage and management between shows can cost a lot of money you save when renting.

In the end, essentially you receive discounted labor because that cost is established during the quoting process, despite show mandated set up hours which may or may not be at straight time hourly rates. The cost of the time required of your own staff when you manage your own exhibit includes the cost of things they are unable to do. Managing the process is time-consuming.

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Exhibit Rental Specialists

Here are some important points to be aware of:

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  • We provide the exact cost of your rental, not including show-mandated costs for material handling, carpet, electric, etc.
  • Custom display rentals and trade show graphics. We’ll work with you to develop a design that suits your needs perfectly.
  • Faster, more personal service at a lower cost when you work with us. Why rent a generic type display from the trade show that looks like a rental?
  •  Use your imagination!  For example, on overhead spans, sometimes the open look truss exhibit design works best. Sometimes graphic panels that cover those same long spans create an impressive, longer surface for your tagline and branding statements.
  •  ALL wall panel surfaces shown come with either velcro compatible trade show fabric or slat wall.
  •  Many options for logo signs and graphics; high-resolution fabric graphics, photo murals and backlit logo graphics stand out on the trade show floor.
  •  Our Turn-Key Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Fixed costs on Shipping, Set Up and Tear Down Labor. The amount we invoice for is the amount you pay, no surprise add ons.
Purchase prices are listed for most displays. For more information on why it makes dollars and sense to rent our trade show displays, visit:

Las Vegas is the trade show capital of the world!

It's also the most competitive environment for exhibitors. We'll help you put your best foot forward no matter what industry you're in!

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Pricing for other cities

We assist in developing your trade show marketing strategy or the creation of production art. All trade show display booths and graphics services are handled out of our Las Vegas facility.

New custom turnkey trade show exhibit designs in Las Vegas

Our Las Vegas Warehouse location serves all venues in the city. We provide cost-effective, worry-free service with published, itemized pricing. Whether you have one show a year or several in different booth space sizes, we have the solutions you're looking for. Take a look at these sample designs and let us customize your exhibit to suit your needs. Call for fast, friendly service!

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