Renting a custom exhibit for CES

Renting a custom exhibit for CES 2016 in Las Vegas couldn’t be easier!

two-story-trade-show-display-los-angeles-convention-center-back-view-gl6040CES is just around the corner but there’s still time to rent your custom exhibit from!

CES is the premier technology trade show for exploring and experiencing the future of consumer electronics. For most companies in the business, CES is the most important show of the year. For the industry, it is the Super Bowl: big event, big production, and talked about for the months to follow. When you make a big splash at CES, you will see returns on your trade show investment before the show is even over!
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Why rent an affordable two story exhibit for CES and other major industry trade shows?

We provide turnkey Two Story Double Deck rentals in Las Vegas, Anaheim, Orlando and other cities that include transportation and union labor. Costs range from about $28,000 to $150,000 so there is a wide range to options available to customize our offerings to match your requirements exactly. At $26,000 or $31,900 furnished, our ME2020 Design (20’w x 14′ deep) is popular for exceptional value. You have almost 20′ w x 9′ h wall mural graphic space plus three great looking radius logo signs on the upper deck. Locking storage below the landing is included and ample space below the stairs is available for $1600 additional. For larger spaces, the ON5040 Design provides a fresh new look with and open floor plan on the first level and two private conference rooms and hospitality lounge on the upper deck. Costing at $91,550 or $97,850 furnished saves $150,000 in capital outlay, includes labor and eliminates storage costs of up to $10,000 yr. Graphics are stored at N/C. Labor and transportation can easily add $20,000 or more without our fixed cost turnkey prices so peace of mind on the set up floor before the show and when measuring ROI post show can mean a lot! Our one set price that includes transportation and union set up and tear down labor, let’s you establish a budget and stick to it. When you need to make a big splash but also need to stick to a budget, one can be as important as the other.

CES has everyone from the largest companies in the world to brand new startups making their first show debut. The exhibits at CES are legendary and become as much a part of the show as the products being displayed. Usually a double deck would be out of the question for a smaller company since most double decks are custom built and are purchased..or just used once per year.


Can a rental exhibit look custom made for you? is one of the only places you’ll find a full line of modular double deck designs for rent OR purchase. We specialize in custom two story exhibits and we have it down to a science! Your graphics can look great on large hard wall panel murals, railing panels or large upper deck curved logo signs. Conference rooms of all sizes are available with frosted acrylic wall panels and A/C or more open designs that convert to hospitality use quickly and easily. We even offer tri-level designs that also provide 12′ ceiling height. (Our standard  height is 9′).

With so much going on getting ready for CES (up to 10 days for building all of the exhibits!), you want to be able to focus on your message and presentation, not labor, logistics, and building. With a double deck rental from us, you just show up, place your product and get your tradeshow marketing team revved. Have a great show, make lots of deals, and collect your stuff and go right after the trade show is over. No hanging out for 2-3 days to disassemble and ship your exhibit. We’ll take care of that for you..and store your graphics for next no charge.




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The show takes place mainly at 6 locations around the Vegas Strip. Here is a downloadable map and a cheat sheet of what types of products and services are being exhibited at each venue. These will help you get around the town and to the right venues to see what others are doing.





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Need to save exhibiting costs at CES and other shows?

Here are links to download your important show forms and Exhibitors Manual. Be sure to select the one for your venue as there are some differing regulations from venue to venue.  We include assistance with Show Services Management and coordinate electric and other services with you on the show floor. We partner with you as if we were your full time Trade Show Management Department! Additional show forms and informaton will be posted soon.

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This is a list of some great stuff that premiered at CES over the years. You might be next on the list!

Other low cost options for Custom Island and in-line booth rentals.

Double Deck Exhibit provides exceptional value to companies looking for a trade show exhibit supplier in traditional in-line and island booth spaces as well. Please visit TrussRentalDisplays for additional ideas in turn key trade show exhibits!

Double Deck Exhibit and Modular Rental are Divisions of Image Design and Communication, Inc. Based in Los Angeles with warehouse facilities in Las Vegas and Orlando, Image Design’s 30 years of exhibit industry experience will make your next show, your best show!

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