Trade Show Double Deck Rental LO4030

Trade Show Double Deck Rental LO4030

Our LO4030 Double Deck Exhibit Rental Design has an impressive upper deck and two staircases with landings tucked behind feature walls. Impressive even by Las Vegas standards! The upper deck lounge is large enough to host four or more separate meetings or a private cocktail party.  There are storage closets under each landing, a real advantage on the trade show floor.

We can cost effectively build impressive, functional designs better than anyone and our LO4030 is a great example. The soaring atrium design creates an amazing presence below. From above, looking down through the upper deck floor to is an unforgettable experience. Your customers will appreciate the feeling of being in this space and appreciate the effort you made to provide them with this unique and memorable moment on the trade show floor.

Four radius logo signs above the entrances welcome attendees to your booth. Deciding to use a double deck is similar to switching from an inline booth to an island exhibit. A double deck exhibit puts you in another league on the show floor. Become a destination for exhibit attendees rather than simply another booth! Minimum floor space required 26 ft x 29 ft.

Turnkey Rental Price : $87,000.00


Basic Version

Turnkey Rental: $87,000 + or -

Wall frames and doors
Deck boards
Lights, ceilings
1/4” frosted plex rail infills
Signs hardware
Unprinted sintra infills and wall panels and 7 crates
Est. weight 18,000 pounds
17' x 27' Second Levels
2 L shaped Stairways with landings
Ceiling with 36 Telescopic Lights
Large Feature Walls

Enhanced Version as shown

Items added are valued at over $27,192:

4 Leather Lounge Chairs $650 each
2 Sectional Sofas $ 2,700 each
2 36” Diameter meeting table - $325 / each
4 Curve back stools - $169 / each
2 36" Low tables $325 ea
3 30" Bistro tables $290
2 6’ Long counter $1,948 / each
2 Large reception counters
2 Locking storage counters upstairs
4 Double sided Norton Workstations $2,200 each

Accessories available but not shown

Column mount workstations - $380 / each
Rectangle designer counters w/ shelfand graphics - $1,145 / each
4-shelf lit racks - $280 / each
Laptop shelves - $220 / each
Column mount swivel LCD mounts - $175
Column mount fixed LCD mounts - $150
6’ straight sign w/ graphic and 2 lights - $1,474
LCD mount - $350 / each
Coffee table - $1,008 / each
9’ long coffee bar w/ graphics - $3,306 / each
5’ side table w/ shelf - $1,310 / each

Graphic Options

Graphics Package A | Upper signage: $3,354
Graphics Package B | Lower signage: $3,354
Graphics Package C | Upper and Lower Signage: $6,708
All packages include infill columns in 12 standard colors
Cost of printed infill columns: $6,800

Custom colors available on all Purchased Displays.
If you choose to purchase rather than rent, color options are available for truss, counters and slat wall.