Great visibility on the trade show floor

The COV2020 exhibit offers a stylized design with great visibility on the trade show floor. Tall super-sized billboard graphics and bridge headers make a bold impression with this open floor plan xhibit design. This exhibit provides the space to combine creative graphic design with your logo. Four bridge headers describe your products, services and tagline at the perfect location for a tiered form of communicating your trade show message. Raise or lower them with additional truss sections for increased photo mural capability. When you need to get noticed AND allow lots of open space in your booth nothing comes close to this spectacular exhibit design!

Design flexibility

We've added hard panel signage on the vertical posts to illustrate main product points on one side and create a distraction free background for whatever you're showing on your video presentations. Better yet, use that method to define what you're showing on each screen and take the guess work out of making visitors figure which screen shows what they want to see. Need a semi private meeting space in your exhibit space? Add another overhead span and vertical post to create a partitioned off area using semi-transparent fabric or two sided graphic images for additional mural space. Tell us what you like and let’s see how we can help you get it. The COV2020 exhibit design offers one of the most exceptional values we offer.

Price: $9975.00

Turn Key Rental Price: $8,200 | Purchase Price: $16,236 (truss covers not included)

Graphic Package $4,033

  • Graphic Sizes:
  • Header Graphics – (2) 174″ x 36″.
  • Beam Graphics (red ones) – (4) 109.25″ x11.5″.
  • Beam Graphics (black ones) – (4) 120.75″ x11.5″.
  • Chisel Points (8 total) 23″ x 11.5″ ” x 11.5.

Designer Counter Front Graphics (2) 24.5″ x 24″.

  • Silver hi-tech truss system.
  • 2 rectangular designer counters.
  • 4 demo counters.
  • Large double sided header.
  • 4 chisel point graphic beams.
  • 12 clamp-on lights.
  • 26″ or 42″ LCD monitor.
  • LCD or plasma mount.
  • Additional counters.
  • Counter height stools.
  • Additional Literature shelves.
  • Additional Laptop shelves.
  • Additional clamp-on lights.
  • Tables and chairs.
  • 20 x 20 carpet & pad.
  • trade-show-truss-island-slatwall-storage
  • trade-show-truss-island-slatwall-storage
  • trade-show-truss-island-slatwall-storage
Graphics Packages
  • Graphics Package A - $4,033

    Header Graphic - 2@ 184" x 58"

  • Graphic Package B

    Header Graphic - 2@ 184" x 58"
    Designer Counter Front Graphic - 2@ 34" x 34"

  • Graphic Package C

    Header Graphic - 2@ 184" x 58"
    Chisel Points 8@ - 23" x 11.5" x 11.5"
    Designer Counter Front Graphic - 2@ 34" x 34"
    Beam Graphics - 4@ 120.75" x 11.5"

Custom colors available on all Purchased Displays.
If you choose to purchase rather than rent, color options are available for truss, counters and slat wall.