IM2_20 ft display with product display, storage space, flat screen workstation and oversize trade show graphics View 1 - NewThe IM2 10 x 20 inline provides shelving, flat screen work stations, backlit back wall counter and a super size mural graphic so large, it's easy for your customer to remember after the show. The Formica laminated reception counter has great storage. The area behind the back wall counter can be made accessible for additional storage space during the show as well.

Purchase cost for this design $9,209.00 plus graphics. It ships in one 4 x 4 tub and sets up in a couple hours.

Turnkey rental $4,920.00 includes freight and I & D in select areas. Full Graphics Package $3449.00. We store your graphics free, in between shows!

Turn Key Rental Price: $4920. | Purchase Price: $9209. 

Customer Downloads
  • trade-show-truss-island-slatwall-storage
  • trade-show-truss-island-slatwall-storage
  • trade-show-truss-island-slatwall-storage
Graphics Packages
  • Graphics Package A

    Graphics Package A - $1,450
    Package A is our basic for the EV2-ML2, just the mural, header and footer graphics. The other panels can be white, gray or black sintra.
    • Main Header – 142" x 11.5"
    • Sub Header – 46" x 11.5"
    • Mural – 142.5” x 76.25”
    • Footer – 142" x 5.75"

  • Graphics Package B

    Graphics Package B - $2635
    Package B includes Package A graphics as well as the counter graphic, the backlit workstation graphic and the wall behind the shelving.
    • Front Counter Graphic (single use) – 40” x 35”
    • Backlit or Opaque Workstation Graphic 42” x 40”
    • Alcove Wall behind shelves – 46” x 92”

  • Graphics Package C

    Graphics Package C - $3,795
    Package C fills all the panels entirely with graphics. Oftentimes people will move the panel on the right forwards as shown when not using the shelving.
    • Panel behind monitor – 46” x 92”
    • Panel left of monitor – 23” x 92”

Custom colors available on all Purchased Displays.
If you choose to purchase rather than rent, color options are available for truss, counters and slat wall.