Trade Show Exhibits for CONEXPO

November 25th deadline for advance discount rates on turnkey double-deck rentals.

Save 10% / up to $8,000.  Turn key rentals include transportation install and dismantle labor and custom graphics, also at reduced rates. Place your order now to enjoy the savings!

Three specially priced designs, each with three canopy styles available!

Conexpo is intended for visitors and exhibitors from the construction sector and takes place in Las Vegas. Every three years, international representatives of the construction industry meet to watch the latest products and accessories, services and technologies. In addition, ConExpo is an excellent opportunity for sharing with colleagues and business partners. View all exhibit options here!

The show runs from March 10-14, 2020. It hosts about 2400 exhibitors and 125,000 visitors at the Las Vegas Convention Center; 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas and Festival Grounds, 311 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas

Important Deadlines!

August 15, 2018 Space application and deposit (25%) due for priority space assignment.
February 28, 2019 Second 25% exhibit space payment due.
September 30, 2019 Final 50% exhibit space payment due.
December 1, 2019 Floor plans for exhibits 1,000 square feet or larger due.
January 15, 2020 Exhibitor Appointed Contractor request form due.
January 15, 2020 Exhibitor Certificate of Insurance due.

Show Rules and Regulations can be found here.

 Exhibit solutions and ideas for CONEXPO

At Image Design and Communications, Inc. we understand the need to put your best foot forward at CONEXPO. We provide customized indoor and outdoor Double Decks along with displays and exhibits for linear and island booths spaces. Here is some great information about our offerings followed by more great information about CONEXPO!

The Image Design and Communications family of trade show exhibit websites offer a wealth of solutions. We specialize in Turnkey Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rentals in both single- and two-story formats. Portable and Modular exhibits are available for purchase from our Portable Display Division, Displays on the Net. The following is valuable information for CONEXPO specifically and other tradeshows in general.

Our Exhibit Rental Lead Times based on the first day of set up at CONEXPO.

Clients should be aware of our Production Lead times and rush charge schedule. Most exhibitors begin planning 6 months before the show due to the amount of logistics management they require. Last-minute deadlines for us follow below. These are due dates for paid exhibit production orders.

These are absolute minimum order due dates. Please plan your exhibit for this show at least 120 days before the first day of set up; November 3, 2019.

Double Decks under 600 sq. ft. require a minimum 45 days prior to the first day of set up.
Double Decks over 600 sq. ft. require a minimum of 60 days.

10% rush charges 45-60 days prior; January 2- 17, 2020
20% rush charges 30-45 days prior; February 1, 2020
30% rush less than 30 days prior (if we accept the project.) February 1, 2020th

Exhibit design ideas for product display and messaging at CONEXPO

This is one show where the quality of the exhibit design says as much about you as your graphics! Clean, crisp lines, thoughtful design and the use of quality materials demonstrate the amount of value CONEXPO Exhibitors place on manufacturing and services excellence. There are a number of options for displaying products, workstation styles that enable one on one product demonstration and eye-catching graphic messaging.

Our family of trade show exhibit and display websites offer a wide range of solutions for exhibitors. Slat wall continues to be the most popular format for displaying smaller products. Slat wall provides the flexibility of placing a variety of product types in different sizes. A variety of mounting methods are available including shelving. Design ideas for product display include built-in back wall panels and product-dedicated towers.

The size and competitive environment of the CONEXPO show demand eye-catching graphics in order to effectively convey your marketing message. Larger than life graphic murals make the biggest impact because of their larger than life product images and messaging capability. Photographic quality, high-resolution tension fabric provides a large, seamless canvas to work with. The lack of seams helps keep the visual focus on the message.

Billboard size show trade show graphics

New designs in custom exhibits make use of tension fabric extensively. Combining this type of graphic presentation with attractive, solid appearing support structures can result in high visibility along with cost savings. This is a great design concept CONEXPO Exhibitors can utilize in Island booth spaces as well as 10 ft. and 20 ft. booth spaces.

Backlit graphics options

Today’s fabrics provide brilliant color and detail with a seamless, eye-catching look! The material for backlit graphics is different than that used for opaque murals. These materials are specifically made to transmit light without sacrificing color saturation and sharp detail. In addition, the ability to have large backlit images on a seamless canvas enables a creative graphic design that other materials cannot provide.

Standout display design ideas using high-resolution tension fabric solves that problem when combined with a number of different types of aluminum structure. Most popular formats include 1.5” and 2” round tube. Sections are easily joined in a variety of ways. To simplify set up, bungee cord connections or clear labeling at both ends of the tube indicate assembly sequence.

Push-fit graphics have been perfected to the point where they can function reliably for years and they provide clean crisp edges. The edges typically have a silicone bead or flange fits nicely into a groove in an aluminum extrusion specifically designed for this application.

Traditional custom fabrication often relies on costly Formica covered wood structures. They look great but require heavy crates and should they become damaged; repair costs are high. The advantages of using fabric and modular exhibit engineering solve this problem.

The benefits of modular trade show exhibits for CONEXPO

Modular exhibit engineering as developed to the point where they are often indistinguishable from heavier, more costly traditional custom fabrication. The added benefit of reconfiguration for smaller shows makes modular engineering the right solution for many exhibitors. Companies often exhibit at one major show, like CONEXPO for example, along with smaller regional or product-specific shows in other years. The ability to utilize the same exhibit for large and small island booth spaces makes a huge cost difference especially when it’s easy to switch out graphics. Again, each show has its own focus and product-specific messaging is called for at different shows.

Custom Exhibit Rentals for CONEXPO

Renting a customized trade show exhibit makes a lot of sense for many companies. There are a number of solutions that meet a variety of needs. This is especially true when a Double Deck Exhibit is a right solution.

How much does it cost to rent a Double Deck Exhibit?

We specialize in TurnKey Double Deck Exhibit Rentals. We start with the design process; establish the perfect look and functionality you need. Generally, at that point, you’ll know exactly what your total cost will be. There are no surprises!

We bill transportation, set up and dismantle labor on one pre-show invoice. However, we assist in a number of ways during the production process. During the design process, we anticipate electrical requirements based on everything in your booth space. Some clients have specialized equipment or pre-existing exhibit properties that are to be combined in the same booth space.

We’ll provide a grid map with dimensions indicating your main electric drop and outlet locations throughout your booth space. We indicate how many amps are required at all locations. This is a show requirement and a very important one! Nothing starts until the electric is down before the carpet is laid.

Part of that includes a booth orientation diagram that allows everyone involved, to be certain which direction is front by indicating adjacent booth space numbers. Often times, this is dealt with early on because booth location often affects the design. Again, because we do this all the time, reviewing the Exhibitor Guide and viewing the trade show floor map is often required early on.

Minimum and maximum costs for Double Deck Rentals at CONEXPO

The minimum cost to rent a TurnKey Double Deck is about $27,000 in Las Vegas. The average low cost is about $35,000 for our most popular exhibit in Las Vegas, the ME2020, complete with graphics. That includes transportation to and from the show, set up and dismantle labor. The closest design to that, the Tri-Level EX2020 Exhibit, which features a unique tri-level design. It adds 20% to that cost but with three levels, the result on the upper deck is that a separate raised area is available for meetings. That leaves the lower portion of the upper deck available for hospitality. The impact of the Tri-Level feature on the lower level is the creation of a unique 10 ft. tall atrium at one end of the exhibit. It’s impressive and almost unheard of in Multi-level Deck designs.

The maximum cost for us is about $200,000 for our largest Double Deck designs. The impressive SC5040 features a unique canopy design and a strong presence on the show floor. The approximate cost with graphics and furnishings is $157,292. The LO4030 is one of our favorite Double Deck rental designs, perfect for CONEXPO!

How are graphics handled?

Costs include graphics as well. We provide easy to understand graphics callout spec sheets and provide pre-production proofs for your approval. Once your design is finalized, we provide a photorealistic rendering showing your graphics! We utilize a number of different graphic materials, each perfectly suited for the particular application required. Again, we provide published pricing and itemization for each design we offer.

TurnKey Trade Show Services Management

When exhibitors use show labor, the required forms specify set up and dismantle times precisely. We look at your target move-in date and establish that for you. We need to do that in order to ensure that your exhibit is complete and ready to go on the deadline. This touches on another cost that many clients don’t need to consider. Overtime vs. Straight time Union Labor billing. We provide a fixed cost invoice for set up and dismantle regardless of the show mandated schedule. This is one of the most common areas of cost overruns. Labor rates are often over $100 per hour. Overtime is time and a half making it $150. Sometimes it can go to $200 hr. Multiply that x 3-4 set up people, it can easily be over $500 hr. You don’t need to worry about that when you are working with TurnKey Trade Show Exhibit Rentals. Labor cost is fixed on one pre-show invoice.

Other Show Services Management requirements

We provide the necessary EAC (Exhibitor Appointed Contract) forms along with Insurance Certificates required by the show. This along with correct electric grid maps relate to the fundamentals. If you need assistance with other show forms, we can help.

Back to the basics

In addition to the cost in time managing the process for each show, evaluating the cost of renting vs. ownership includes many factors. Key among them storage. After that, most exhibit houses bill for pre-show and post-show set-up at their facility in order to assess damages that require repair and assure that there are no surprises at the next show. It’s like set up and dismantle labor three times for each show. So, storage and management between shows can cost a lot of money you save when renting.

The total cost-benefit of renting

The total cost-benefit of renting your custom Double Deck

In the end, essentially you receive discounted labor because that cost is established during the quoting process, despite show mandated set up hours which may or may not be at straight time hourly rates. The cost of the time required of your own staff when you manage your own exhibit includes the cost of things, they are unable to do. Managing the process is time-consuming.

Custom Island and in-line exhibit rentals for CONEXPO from Image Design Exhibit Rentals

Renting an exhibit for an island or in-line booth space at CONEXPO is a great, cost-effective way to put your best foot forward without breaking the bank. Our inventory of modular display components enables us to provide customized displays that are tailor-made for you.  Many of our designs provide semi-private meeting areas. We offer a number of workstation styles that efficient and eye-catching.  We specialize in trade show graphics that provide brilliant color and crisp detail to deliver your marketing message in a memorable way!

The IM29-2020 Conference room design for convention hall booth spaces provides four workstations and a conference room for a 20 x 20 island booth space.

Backlighting provides visual appeal and we take it a step further with architectural style silhouette lighting as well!

Our island exhibit designs excel at providing open space and height for greater visibility as well. Our COV2020 Open floor plan design provides exceptional value. The COV2020 exhibit offers a stylized design with great visibility on the trade show floor. Tall super-sized billboard graphics and bridge headers make a bold impression with this open floor plan exhibit design. The towering 15′ height is easily seen throughout the show floor.  Our modular components provide sturdy structural integrity that results in a comfortable open environment for your customers.

The PAL2020 is one of our most popular trade show island rental designs with good reason. a unique towering display design that provides exceptional value. It’s an amazing value in a TurnKey exhibit rental, with a cost for the structure at just $7600! (Including fixed cost transportation and labor!)

Cost-effective convenience

Image Design Exhibit Rentals is one of a very few exhibit companies that provide true Turnkey Service in Las Vegas and other venues. We offer an unprecedented number of exhibit design options with itemized pricing. The range of designs lets you explore at your convenience and fine-tune your objectives as you compare and contrast design functionality.

We save you time and money and let your staff focus on key responsibilities and show preparation.  That’s a big plus! Beyond that, the cost for Labor and Transportation is likely lower than what you would pay yourself. This is what we specialize in and we’ve assembled an arsenal of exhibit professionals that work in a coordinated fashion.

Rentals help you avoid the high cost of initial purchase and the cost to store the exhibit. Because you’re only dealing with one company, we can coordinate graphics production and all logistics. We are a relationship-based company. We’re about as close as it gets to having your own full-time Trade Show Marketing Department!

Advantages of using a custom rental exhibit for CONEXPO exhibitors

Right away, you’ll appreciate friendly, professional communications about your exhibit marketing needs. We’ll review design options that interest you and discuss options that will help to customize your design specifically to your needs.

Once you select a design, we’ll provide clear graphics size and location specs that your designer will appreciate! Once finalized, we’ll provide a photo-realistic rendering of the finished design. Pre-production graphic proofs are sent for your final approval.

During production, we find that many clients need assistance with Show Services forms. We automatically provide an electric floor plan when needed and assist with the show-required EAC Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form. Once complete, we’ll provide the Certificate of Insurance the show requires. When it gets close to the setup date, we’ll provide the approximate day and time your set up will begin, along with contact information for our supervisor.

3 Steps to Get Ready for CONEXPO Now

It’s not too early to make plans for North America’s largest construction trade show for the asphalt, aggregates, concrete, earthmoving, lifting, mining, utilities and related industries.

“The show is shaping up to be one of the best ever; attendees and exhibitors will not be disappointed!” said Mary Erholtz, CONEXPO-CON/AGG chair and vice president marketing for Superior Industries “AEM and our show committees of industry leaders are working to deliver an outstanding event focused on the latest innovations, technologies and best practices to succeed in our changing world.”

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, big iron and tech will share the stage in Las Vegas, USA on March 10-14, 2020, with more new products, thousands of equipment and technology headliners, and hundreds of industry-driven education sessions. Plus, the Tech Experience returns with two locations.

Take these 3 steps now to punch your ticket to success for your business and career

Sign up for show alerts to be the first to learn the latest show information - visit

Be the first in line to purchase show tickets (Registration opens July 23). Register early to save time and money and get the best hotel rates and availability.

Stay in the know “365” with the show’s online news and trends articles, monthly CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio podcasts and the new CONEXPO Connect digital platform for contractors and off-road equipment buyers.

More great information about CONEXPO


A digital platform providing construction contractors access to off-road construction equipment manufacturers was launched today by CONEXPO. CONEXPO Connect brings together the off-road equipment industry to provide an exclusive experience for contractors and off-road equipment buyers. CONEXPO-CON/AGG is North America’s largest construction trade show.

The unveiling took place this morning at the annual conference for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), owner of CONEXPO. Dennis Slater, president of AEM, and Nicole Hallada, vice president of marketing and communications for AEM, made the announcement to approximately 375 members of the association at the business meeting. Hallada likened CONEXPO Connect to a better research tool for contractors looking to purchase equipment. The platform, designed specifically for the construction and aggregate equipment market, provides contractors insider access to new products, equipment experts and industry connections.

CONEXPO Connect is available beginning today for contractors and others who purchase off-road equipment. Thirty brands have already signed on to the platform. View video here.

“Today’s equipment buyers are looking for multiple ways to stay informed about products and learn about what’s happening in the industry. This site was developed for the industry, by the industry,” said Hallada. “CONEXPO Connect brings a new dimension to the industry by giving contractors access to equipment experts and manufacturers similar to what they would have at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

Site registration and approval are required, and users will then be able to:

Discover new products in asphalt, concrete, earthmoving, lifting, underground, aggregate, and more
Review equipment details
Message manufacturers
Request quotes

Follow the industry, from their favorite brands to other equipment users and the latest news

“The platform brings ease and objectivity to the purchase decision. Having access to the top off-road equipment manufacturers in one spot versus visiting multiple sites will make for a better experience for today’s busy construction professional,” said Dave Foster, vice president of marketing and corporate communications at Volvo CE.  “What’s more, by joining the CONEXPO Connect community, contractors can ask questions, learn from their peers and have information at their fingertips to help them make better business decisions. This is yet another example of forward-thinking innovation on behalf of the industry by AEM,” continued Foster.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), the organization that manages CONEXPO-CON/AGG, is using its industry connections and experience to bring buyers and manufacturers together to create a modern approach to online equipment research. CONEXPO Connect helps engage and connect contractors with producers and manufacturers around the latest construction equipment and the Jobsite of tomorrow.

“The platform complements a buyer’s experience at CONEXPO-CON/AGG by allowing them to explore more online, ask questions and compare products before and after the show,” said Hallada. “As the world becomes more digital, and buyers are using multiple channels to make informed decisions, they look for product information in addition to trade shows.  That is really the case in our industry. We knew we needed to create something to help connect manufacturers with buyers online.”