Imagine Modular Series

Imagine Modular Series Our new line of IM exhibit designs provides a great custom look, fast set up and compact packing. While many of these designs provide custom features, they have been engineered for simple user set up with a minimum of parts. We’ve maintained the same seamless mural wall look and added custom features like adjustable color LED accent lighting. Counters and workstations are built with custom laminate construction for a high end look over fabric sided versions. Standout design features include handsome hard panel ceilings with built in recessed lighting and a hybrid approach to structure materials that allows us to provide shapes more common in heavier, bulkier plywood construction. An additional benefit is that should damage occur, instead of re-laminating a large wooden structure, we merely replace the individual damaged skin panel. These quality made exhibits will provide many years of use and cost effective graphic upgrades over time, that can update your message and transform the look of the exhibit. Image Modular Series designs provide flexibility to reconfigure the structure as well.

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