Double Decker Tradeshow Rental Display | LI5040

Double Decker Tradeshow Rental Display | LI5040

Tradeshow Double Decker LI5040 Rental Display features two separate meeting areas

Our Double Decker Display LI5040 is the most spacious of our rental exhibits. Perfect for large product display, the 50 x 40 ft. ground floor includes wide open spaces to display and demo products, set up casual meeting areas, or anything you can want for your tradeshow. On the upper deck, you will find two meeting spaces and a walkway where you can relax and enjoy the view of your products and visitors below. Downstairs, there are two rooms for storage(a premium at any tradeshow!) and two spaces to hold demos or distribute literature.

Printed graphics can be featured on almost any surface of this display, with your logo or graphics prominently displayed on 4 large curved billboard signs. With a double decker rental, you get to keep any graphic signage so the next time you get one of our rentals, the printing is already done and thus the cost of the rental is reduced.

Turnkey Rental Price : $70,400.00


Basic Version

Turnkey Rental: $70,400 | Purchase: $147,530

Locking storage closets under landings
2 9×17 Decks with 4×16 catwalk
2 Straight stairways w/ landings
2 Oval designer counters
4 Rail mount sign frames w/ lights
2 Ceilings with 12 telescopic lights each
2 9′ Bars
2 Large feature walls

Enhanced Version as shown

Turnkey Rental: $79,600 | Purchse: $178,500

Additionally Includes:
4 Small curved Hyperlite signs w/ graphic and 2 lights – $7,392
2 Oval designer counters w/ shelf and graphics – $1,658
4 30” Diameter meeting table – $290 / each
12 Curve back pack stools – $169 / each
Lounge furniture – $4,000 estimated
2 9’ Long counter w/ graphics – $3,306 / each
2 6’ Long counter w/ graphics – $1,948 / each
6 Large LCD mounts – $350 / each
1 Additional crate – $985 / each

Accessories available but not shown

26″ or 42″ LCD monitor
LCD or plasma mount
Additional counters
Counter height stools
Literature shelves
Laptop shelves
Additional clamp-on lights
Tables and chairs

Graphic Options

Graphic Package A (4 signs, 6 printed rails infills) – $4,181
Graphic Package B (Pkg. A + counters and columns) – $10,518
Graphic Package C (Pkg. C + printed walls) – $13,622

First Level
Second Level
Custom colors available on all Purchased Displays.
If you choose to purchase rather than rent, color options are available for truss, counters and slat wall.

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