Open Floor Space Deck Design for 20 ft. | AE2020V1

The AE2020 provides a larger square shape meeting area upstairs, transforming the look and feel of the lower level as well. Additional storage space is provided below the stairs.

$32,755 Turnkey Rental Price
$38,368 as shown

13’ x 13’ Deck Design Includes
Extended Locking closet under stairs
13 x 13 second level
Straight stairway with landing
1 EV2 tapered Locking counter
Ceiling with 12 Track Lights
1 138” wide Back Wall
Angle wall on outside, under stairs

Graphic Options
Graphics for lower walls - $3,265
Graphic set for Railing - $2,191
Graphic for counter - $156
Printed column infills - $3,306
Printed beam covers - $810

Accessory Options
Additional workstations in several varieties
Additional Counters in four sizes and types
Bistro table with Counter height stools
Seated height meeting table and chairs
LED Silhouette lights for counters and workstations
10x20 and larger carpet and pad

Plan View

Graphic Key

Complete Package

Turnkey Rental Price : $32,755.00

Custom colors available on all Purchased Displays.
If you choose to purchase rather than rent, color options are available for truss, counters and slat wall.

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