Rent this cost effective Exhibit Design| TAH10

Rent this cost effective Exhibit Design| TAH10

3-D Trade Show Marketing Design

Our new graphics treatments give you full range in placing the single image, front/back combinations for a 3D effect or continuous image all the way across! You can't beat the features and branding opportunities the TAH10 design offers.


The TAH10 exhibit has the strength and stability to hold large monitors and a counter for secure storage right at your booth. The side returns offer 2 nice writing surfaces all in a 10x10 space. Make an impact with nearly 100 degrees of curved graphics and draw in your guests from the trade show floor.

Our trade show rental exhibits offer exceptional, cost effective value means you can walk on to the trade show floor, place your products and after the show, know that the exhibit will be shipped back, your graphics in storage at N/C until your next show. Peace of mind, low cost and the freedom to focus on what you do best creates exceptional value for you! All exhibit rental products shown include transportation to and from the show and Union Labor for set up and tear down.

Professional Trade Show Exhibit Industry Experience you can rely on

You can rely on the 30 years of professional trade show industry experience we bring to our clients to make your next show your best show! We specialize in Turnkey rentals that provide exceptional value whether you have one major show a year or 10. You can set a budget and know exactly what your costs will be because we absorb any additional costs related to overtime set up costs due to inconvenient target move-in dates and other common sources of cost overruns. We store your graphics free until your next show and ensure that the show has your EAC forms and more, if you need assistance or advice. Trade show Modular Rental Displays is a division of Image Design and Communications.

We understand that very client has their own unique needs.

That's why every exhibit rental we offer includes variations that suit different requirements with additional custom rental designs and options. Prices show are very close estimates for that reason. Clients with larger booth spaces and one or two major industry shows a year can benefit from our cost effective Double Deck Exhibit Rentals which offer the same exceptional value shown here. Costs compare favorably to traditional custom exhibit design and the savings on initial purchase cost and residual costs like storage and transportation are eliminated. We partner with you in making the most of your trade show marketing dollar. That's why the Corporate Tagline of Image Design and Communications is "Building Relationships Through Design." We're invested in your success!

Turnkey Rental: $2,520 | Purchase: $8,240
(Truss covers not included)

Custom Trade Show Printed Fabric Graphics Full Mural Package $414

  1. Graphic Package A (Basic) – $322
  2. Package A is our basics, just the header and
  3. counter graphics. The backwall consist of 3 42″
  4. wide curved fabric panels and 2 small side fabric
  5. panels in your choice of 34 colors.

Custom Trade Show Printed Fabric Graphics Full Mural Package $1,368

  1. Graphic Package B (Enhanced) – $1,368
  2. Package B includes the header and counter
  3. graphics as well as side mural panels in the
  4. backwall. The center section is still a 42″ wide
  5. fabric panel and the sides are still small fabric
  6. panels.
  7. Sizes:
  8. Header – 76.5″ x11.5″
  9. Counter Graphic – 33″ x 37″
  10. Curved Panel Graphics – (2) 42″ x 81.5″

Curve shaped 10 ft truss trade show display with locking storage

Custom Trade Show Printed Fabric Graphics Full Mural Package $1,891

  1. Graphic Package C (Enhanced) – $1,368
  2. Package C fills all the panels entirely with graphics
  3. except the 2 small side panels.
  4. Sizes:
  5. Header – 50″ x 11.5″
  6. Counter Graphic – 33″ x 37″
  7. Curved Panel Graphics – (3) 42″ x 81.5″

  1. Kit Includes
  2. Silver hi-tech truss system
  3. 1 counter with tons of storage
  4. Header for I.D.
  5. 2 side tables
  6. Fabric wall panels in choice of 34 colors
  7. 3 clamp-on lights.
  1. Accessory Options:
  2. 26″ or 42″ LCD monitor
  3. LCD or plasma mount
  4. Counter height stools
  5. Literature shelves
  6. Laptop shelves
  7. Curved truss shelves
  8. Additional clamp-on lights
  9. 10 x 10 carpet & pad
    Graphics Packages
    • Graphics Pakage A - $341

      Header - 76.5" x 11.5"
      Counter Graphic - 33" x 37"

    • Graphics Package B - $1,511

      Header - 76.5" x 11.5"
      Counter Graphic - 33" x 37"
      3 Back Wall Curved Panel Graphics
      2@ 42.5" x 92 and 1@ 37.5" x 92"
      And 2 Side Return Graphics, 2@ 29.25" x 46"

    • Graphic Package C - $1,647

      Header - 76.5" x 11.5"
      Counter Graphic - 33" x 37"
      Large Curved Back Wall Graphic 130" x 92"

    Custom colors available on all Purchased Displays.
    If you choose to purchase rather than rent, color options are available for truss, counters and slat wall.